The VirTerrus goal is to help decision makers better understand available technology and their evolving workforces, so that together we can align people, technologies and business objectives. We look forward to becoming your trusted resource.

About Aaron

Aaron founded VirTerrus because he enjoys identifying and providing the unique services each customer requires.  He began his career in sales consulting in 2003 and has spent the last several years in the telecommunications, managed cloud services, and network security industry.

Aaron lives in Castle Rock, Colorado with his wife and three children and enjoys traveling and the outdoors in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.  One of his favorite experiences has been "pushing pause" on life for 1 year with his wife while traveling and volunteering throughout South America.  Catch a glimpse of the experience:


South America

VirTerrus provides your business with the Virtual Advantage

Top 10 advantages of a Virtual Workspace:

  • Business continuity
  • Data security & compliance
  • Accessibility & workplace flexibility
  • Accelerate business velocity by moving process to the worksite
  • Reduced equipment costs, smaller carbon footprint, lower facility costs
  • Easier management
  • Enables WorkLife balance - increase employee retention
  • Improve customer service quality, speed, and scalability
  • Increase time to value with Mergers & Acquisition
  • Drive business growth with higher productivity