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Choosing Cloud Services – Understanding the Value


These days more and more companies are turning to cloud services to meet their Information technology needs and demands.  According to Forbes, “by 2018, 59% of the total cloud workloads will be Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) workloads, up from 41% in 2013.” Cloud technology solves the challenges many current (premise based) IT environments face.  A Goldman Sachs study published this month, projects that spending on cloud computing infrastructure and platforms will grow at a 30% CAGR from 2013 through 2018 compared with 5% growth for the overall enterprise IT. Businesses are realizing the value of utilizing cloud services to handle their IT workloads.

How do companies find the right solutions without spending valuable time and money vetting out the best providers and their offerings?  In fact, who are the best providers of the numerous options out there?  How do organizations meet all their needs and still stay within budget?  Do businesses have to research, then pick up the phone and start calling service providers, telling their story multiple times to multiple representatives in order to have solutions presented and see good price comparisons?  Every customer should shop for ideal pricing – it’s wise.  But how can you do all that when you already have a huge priority list and full time job – especially if it’s not a topic you are comfortable with or understand?

There is a way to accomplish this daunting task that reduces the amount of time for the process.  The answer is working with a Cloud Service Brokerage.

VirTerrus (our virtual earth) is a Cloud Service Brokerage (CSB) and Consulting firm, Colorado’s first.  We offer a select portfolio of Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and business solutions.  Our goal is to simplify IT complexity and management and increase productivity by aligning people, technologies, and business objectives.

We will assist your business with the decision framework and implementing the right solution – eliminating the need for you to invest the time and resources to become a cloud expert.  We’ve selected providers that are reliable, financially stable, compliant, secure, and have the platform that will best fit your business needs, initiatives, and goals.  Working with VirTerrus allows your organization to focus on other pressing business needs, not technology and staying current.  Are you ready for your business to evolve into efficiency?

Contact VirTerrus today and let’s start moving your company forward.


VirTerrus Cloud Workshop

We had a great turnout for the VirTerrus Cloud Workshop at FORTRUST Data Center yesterday.  We would like to thank all our guests that were able to attend, and for your engagement and interaction.  We’ve been receiving excellent feedback on the value of the tools provided and information covered.  We would like to thank Virsage Solutions for their part in making the workshop a huge success, guest speaker, Jack Knocke, from The VAR Advisor, and MHO Networks for the raffle prize and FORTRUST for the great venue.

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Outside-the-Box Thinking – Mobility Transformed (part 4)

Most IT staffs possess great knowledge and technical skill levels, critical thinking abilities, and overall talent.  With cloud technology, business innovation becomes possible. There is now opportunity to repurpose some of these positions in order to generate higher revenue for the company through a variety of departments and initiatives – not just the IT department anymore.  Apply individual skill-sets from that department across the organization and to strategic projects. It’s all about transforming the way we think and seeing the not-so-apparent inherent benefits.  That’s where you discover the true ROI.  Mind shift!

Cloud technology and utilizing software defined workplaces enables convenience and flexibility.  Realize the various potentials:

  • Recruit the best talent from anywhere (location no longer matters)
  • Cut down on expense accounts
  • Decrease the cost for traveling executives or workforces (reduce the amount of planes, trains, and automobile travel, rentals, and purchases each week)
  • Create new budgets with the savings from these various reductions

Cloud technology and software defined workplaces create efficiency, increase revenues, and provide cost controls through predictable expenses.  Cloud-based platforms can redefine the modern workplace and workforce engagement.  Reshaping our mindset in how we work and maximizing the use of technologies and software sparks innovation and drives revenue.  Businesses benefit from these proven, secure, and scalable superior technologies.  Work smarter – not harder.  We’ve all heard that expression before… cloud technology is a prime example.

By using innovative concepts, transforming our thought process and workday strategy, businesses will reap the rewards of increased productivity through these software defined workplaces.  Experience and measure those productivity gains!

VirTerrus will illustrate the various cloud solutions and provide the decision framework for you to evaluate the potentials and numerous ways this technology can have a positive impact on your business.


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Outside-the-Box Thinking – Mobility Transformed (part 3)

In addition to some inherent benefits, cloud technology will help solve the cost and complexity of traditional IT approaches.  Businesses can reduce large capital expenditures along with support and maintenance costs.  Shift the cost model to OpEx and know your spend each month – predictable expenses.  Eliminate the need for powerful desktop PCs and resource loaded servers.  The processing power running the various applications and programs is now in the cloud and secure datacenter on high end infrastructure.  Lessen the burden on management and control cost with:

  • Forecast-able and predictable budgeting
  • Management of software and licensing costs at the data center
  • Workstation refreshes and hardware recycles decrease (BYOD)
  • Simplified systems and associated carbon footprints
  • Decreased maintenance time, support, and contracts
  • Reduced travel costs and onsite meetings
  • Re-purposed real estate
  • Creation of new roles

Multiple areas exist where businesses can increase efficiency and cut costs by using new innovations to deploy workforces.  Cloud technology enables us to break free from traditional approaches.  People can utilize the devices they like and are comfortable using – save that corporate cost.  Embrace a BYOD policy (bring your own device).  Cloud technology offers software designed workplaces:  all the data, apps, and collaboration tools needed for your work – just by logging into the cloud platform via the device of choice along with the necessary (and in most cases enhanced) security policies.

Think about new potentials, workplace flexibility, eliminated corporate and personal costs… gas, car maintenance, daily drive thru-COFFEE purchases, dry-cleaning… outside-the-box thinking, remember?!

Your business can harness this mentality and benefit!

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Renewing our Mindset – Mobility Transformed (Part 2)

If we take a look at our workdays, workflows, and presumed daily work rituals and examine ways to enhance those, embracing cloud computing makes excellent business sense.  Bottom line, this fundamental change in technology increases productivity and efficiency.  For example, added hours are generated daily for productive work time, and increased revenue, income, commissions, and bonuses are the result  – if you:

Have secure access to all your business apps, data, and collaboration tools wherever you are and at any time of day/night from any device – (tablet, smartphone, PC, etc.)

  • Eliminate the long commute (each way) or scale the commute back a couple/three times per week
  • Transition weekly mandatory meetings from onsite to remote – less formal meetings – via the numerous audio/video platforms and unified communication tools available.  Many commute to the office on certain days – just for these meetings.
  • Free up real estate space and associated costs
  • Repurpose employees/assets in new ways
  • Provide less workplace stress with technology that works

In addition to some of the inherent benefits, cloud technology can help solve the cost and complexity of traditional IT approaches – even when deploying hybrid environments.  It reduces capital expenditures and overall costs in a variety of areas while producing forecast-able and predictable operating models.  It also sparks innovation.  Our next post on the VirTerrus blog (Part 3) will illustrate a few examples… stay tuned!

Is now the right time for your organization to move forward with successful business technology?


Renewing our Mindset – Mobility Transformed

Cloud Technology allows transformation in how we approach our workday and business workforce.  It will increase productivity, accessibility, security, and help reduce cost.  Spreading the wealth of ways in which cloud based solutions can transform business is a goal of VirTerrus.  This intelligent technology enables resource pooling for greater performance, on demand serviceability, also creates business agility, reliability, and profits for all – both tangibly and intangibly.  Interested in digging deeper on this subject – let’s grab some java or schedule a call.  We have Broker Associates available to work with you to find what works best for your organization!

For now, here are a few areas where it can generate wealth in many aspects:

  • Allows workplace flexibility / any network any device
  • Redefined workspaces for increased efficiency and productivity
  • Simplifies the cost and complexity of IT
  • Provides disaster preparedness and business continuity
  • Increases employee morale with available tools and accessibility (BYOD)
  • Enables recruitment of top talent wherever they are
  • Increased ROI

It’s time to retrain our thinking and for companies to retrain employees from the traditional work mindsets and conditioned routines to new Cloud-based technologies and capabilities.  Is now the right time for your organization to move forward with successful business technology?