Renewing our Mindset - Mobility Transformed (Part 2)

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If we take a look at our workdays, workflows, and presumed daily work rituals and examine ways to enhance those, embracing cloud computing makes excellent business sense.  Bottom line, this fundamental change in technology increases productivity and efficiency.  For example, added hours are generated daily for productive work time, and increased revenue, income, commissions, and bonuses are the result  – if you:

Have secure access to all your business apps, data, and collaboration tools wherever you are and at any time of day/night from any device – (tablet, smartphone, PC, etc.)

  • Eliminate the long commute (each way) or scale the commute back a couple/three times per week
  • Transition weekly mandatory meetings from onsite to remote – less formal meetings – via the numerous audio/video platforms and unified communication tools available.  Many commute to the office on certain days – just for these meetings.
  • Free up real estate space and associated costs
  • Repurpose employees/assets in new ways
  • Provide less workplace stress with technology that works

In addition to some of the inherent benefits, cloud technology can help solve the cost and complexity of traditional IT approaches – even when deploying hybrid environments.  It reduces capital expenditures and overall costs in a variety of areas while producing forecast-able and predictable operating models.  It also sparks innovation.  Our next post on the VirTerrus blog (Part 3) will illustrate a few examples… stay tuned!

Is now the right time for your organization to move forward with successful business technology?