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VirTerrus Cloud Workshop

We had a great turnout for the VirTerrus Cloud Workshop at FORTRUST Data Center yesterday.  We would like to thank all our guests that were able to attend, and for your engagement and interaction.  We’ve been receiving excellent feedback on the value of the tools provided and information covered.  We would like

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Outside-the-Box Thinking – Mobility Transformed (part 4)

Most IT staffs possess great knowledge and technical skill levels, critical thinking abilities, and overall talent.  With cloud technology, business innovation becomes possible. There is now opportunity to repurpose some of these positions in order to generate higher revenue for the company through a variety of departments and initiatives – not

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Renewing our Mindset – Mobility Transformed (Part 2)

If we take a look at our workdays, workflows, and presumed daily work rituals and examine ways to enhance those, embracing cloud computing makes excellent business sense.  Bottom line, this fundamental change in technology increases productivity and efficiency.  For example, added hours are generated daily for productive work time, and

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